Monday, August 19, 2013

Left out - WIP part of series

12 X 24 Work In Progress
I haven't had much time to paint lately, but today I scheduled a date with my easel and it was lovely. This is not finished, but I think my momma needed to see that I had a good day!
Aunt Abbey had her calf a month ago, and we have had one problem after another with her. The calf was born unassisted and started out fabulously. Abbey had a ton of milk, too, so I quickly got another calf for her. Even with 2 babies, I was still having to milk her twice a day - and I was getting 2 gallons of milk daily with her feeding the two calves. Ten days after giving birth, her natural calf up an died without warning. The foster calf was doing great, but again we were swimming in milk with only one baby to feed. I hate buying baby calves in the heat of summer, but I gave in and bought another. She started out doing well, but has gone downhill AND the now other calf is floundering as well.
I think the antibiotics and electrolytes I am giving them are working, but now we are getting over three gallons of milk a day AND we can't go anywhere since we have to milk twice a day.
This was NOT in the game plan!
To my family: Mom is doing very well post colon resection. We are now focusing on a lung lesion that may be cancer as well - we should know shortly. We did find out that the suspicious lymph nodes in her chest are all clear so we can now proceed with possible radiology treatment of the lung, and then close this door and step into a new day!
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