Thursday, July 7, 2016

Shiner Shines - colorful abstract horse portrait

24 X 30 oil on stretched canvas
Check with artist for availability
Time to head off in more new directions....More to come!
Texas jumped from a wet, downpour, flooded Spring to a hot, windy tumultuous summer. Pockets of flash floods have plagued the state, but fortunately we have been spared.
The garden, again this year, was too wet to weed, and by the time we could get in to harrow, it was harvest time. The good news? We never had to get the sprinklers out. Bad news? The tractor harrow didn't get used either...our default weeding method was mowing between the rows, with the blackeyed peas becoming lost in the high grass. The corn, however, rose above the weeds, but the bugs have had a heyday. The cows have been fed most of it, and that has been a good thing, according to them! Potatoes somehow managed to survived the damp ground as did the green beans, so we actually had a decent crop of the basics.
I did manage to keep the tomatoes weeded and they are just now producing well, as are the butternut squash vines. If you haven't enjoyed Tomato basil soup with fresh cream, you just haven't lived yet.
All three cows successfully calved - 2 heifers and a bull. With two additional foster calves, the pastures are again full of life.
And our family has gown, with daughter, Merideth giving birth to a gorgeous baby boy who has been amazingly calm and easy going and healthy. His sisters seem to approve of him, as well.  Life is almost too good to be true and I seem to have way more blessings than I deserve.
Praise God!

Psalm 23:2 He makes me lie down in green pastures.

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