Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What are YOU Lookin' At???

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I haven't been blogging lately - too busy working in the yard and the vegetable garden. This year I have committed myself to being intensive using compost (we have a HUGE pile) and totally organic methods. I rarely use insecticides anyway - choosing to plant enough for us AND the bugs. But I do know there are better methods - and space is becoming a premium as the growing trees around the garden's perimeter are now using a huge share of the sunshine. In addition, we had such a poor tomato crop last year - partly due to the early heat - that I am really working hard to get a good crop off and running early this year. It hasn't been easy either. We have already had uncommonly warm dry weather followed by cool dampness, and even frost. Gardening in Texas is becoming more and more a challenge.
And to add to the problems, I discovered a mite infestation in the hen house. I am letting another hen set some eggs and when I went to check her nest box last evening, I found the underside of the lid crawling with tiny red bugs. I have sprayed with an orange oil mixture and will dust the entire coop with diatomaceous earth tomorrow. Poor chickens - no wonder they run for their dust baths every them I turn them loose!
Jeremiah 17:11
Like a partridge that hatches eggs it did not lay are those who gain riches by unjust means. When their lives are half gone, their riches will desert them, and in the end they will prove to be fools.
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Karla said...

This one just makes me smile. Hoping for the best with your garden.

Gary Keimig said...

nice Debbbie. He looks like he has a real attitude. Just like all roosters I ever knew.

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Love the painting and the title! LOL!!!

Mark Bridges said...

That's a great chicken painting.

Isabel PĂ©rez Lima said...

Great painting.She has a great personality!!!

Ann Hoffpauir said...

I really like the title of this painting as well as many of the others. I enjoy the vibrant colors you use and your GREAT humor about your paintings.