Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pretty in Pink

10 X 10 Oil on board
Check with artist for availability
I frequently spot photographs with images I would love to paint, but I have a commitment to paint from my own photos 99% of the time so I rarely paint other's (unless it is a commission). This is not easy for me, because I am NOT a good photographer.
I spotted this photo of a Facebook friend a couple years ago, though, and immediately thought I would like to paint it...with no changes, only more closely cropped.  Judy graciously granted permission, and I took advantage of a rainy day and worked all day yesterday.
Judy competes in competitive trail rides on her gorgeous paint horse, Picasso and does quite well; in fact earning ACTHA's first ever Ambassador award. She has my admiration!
Today we had a brief break in the cold, rainy weather, and despite the fact that I have a dreadful head cold, I got into the barn to straighten up a bit...chickens in tow and cows gazing longingly at the hay stacks inside. As I pulled down a bale of hay on top of the stack, a cascade of eggs plummeted to the ground. Yesterday the same thing happened, and I thought that was the only nest. I was wrong. All total, there were over 2 dozen eggs stashed in the hay. I had been wondering why the chicken coop was yielding a sorry return. Now I know.
I gathered the unbroken eggs and returned to the house with the intention of giving the dogs a treat for the next couple days. The farm shares its bounty even in the harshest of weather. Back down to the low 20's tomorrow.
Matthew 16:2   He replied, “When evening comes, you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red,’

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