Monday, August 18, 2008

Looking for Dinner

6 X 8 Oil on Masonite $115
Includes shipping and insurance
Well, we are finally back from our big summer trip. Except for rioting flower beds and grass tall enough to hide in, everything at home seems just fine. And to top it off, a cold front followed us home from Colorado and brought 20 degree cooler weather and rain to Texas - LOTS of rain, which our area sorely needed.
I painted this little painting while at our next-to-last campground - Bear Lake near Cuchara, Colorado. We were there 7 days and saw bears 4 of those days, and I got pictures of each sighting. I have many more bear pictures planned - both large and small.
This lake is stocked periodically with rainbow trout and is available for anyone to fish. Unfortunately many people throw back the trout they catch, without being very careful with the fragile fish and they die. Bad luck for the fish, good luck and easy pickings for the bears. They are quite aware that at any given time there are dead fish along the edge of the lake, waiting for them to scoop up and eat. And the bears come at all hours of the day - quickly clearing out the fishermen lining the edge of the lake! I kept my distance, but still stayed and snapped hundreds of photos. What fun! I will be painting from the 7 weeks' worth of photos for years, I think.
And this October I will be having a HUGE SALE of all paintings from last year that are not yet sold. So stay tuned and get ready. I haven't decided whethert to host the sale on Ebay or just cut everything unsold a certain percentage. BUT BE ASSURED, I want to clean out my storage and you, dear collectors, will benefit!
Job 8:14
What he trusts in is fragile ; what he relies on is a spider's web.

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PAT MEYER -- said...

Your use of color in the painting makes you want to be there with you in Colorado. Oh, did I mention I live in Texas and would have loved that 20 degree cooler weather.