Saturday, July 28, 2012

On The Way to the Rio Grande Reservoir - Thirty Mile Campground

On The Way To the Reservoir
8X10 Oil on Stretched Canvas $125
Includes Shipping and Insurance
The mountains in the background harbor the birthplace of the Rio Grande, and this is what we see as we drive above Thirty Mile to the Reservoir where we really enjoy fly fishing. It’s a quite a climb down from the road to the lake’s dam, and it truly tested our lungs the first day. I had to stop twice on the climb up and out. But by the end of our stay, we had acclimatized and could make the climb without stopping.
The fourth day of our stay we decided to see if we could follow the Wemenuche Trail and make it to the Continental Divide. Several years ago we had tried unsuccessfully to make the pass and failed. Too old and fat and out of shape. This year, however, we started out loaded with plenty water, thick socks, snacks, little camera, ponchos and Georgia. About 2 hours into the trek, I was sure Mike was ready to turn back, but we trudged on – past the rock slide, through the brief thunderstorms, over Wemenuche Bridge and upward. A caravan of pack horses and mules passed us – hauling supplies up to workers who were repairing trails. I briefly wished I could hitch a ride, but the narrow steep trail was scary enough on foot, much less 6 feet in the air!
Around noon we made it to the pass – marked only by a hand-carved pole stuck in the ground. We were on top of the world and the views both up and down were fabulous. The round trip took about seven and one-half hours (and about 10 miles). We arrived back in camp exhausted, sore-footed and hungry. Georgia couldn’t run up the RV steps the following day – choosing instead to climb them one-at-a-time. Mike and I weren’t in much better shape, but proud that we had bettered our last hike! 
Isaiah 30:30
The LORD will cause men to hear his majestic voice and will make them see his arm coming down with raging anger and consuming fire, with cloudburst, thunderstorm and hail.
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