Friday, September 19, 2008

Dog Job

5 X 7 Oil on Masonite $125

Includes Shipping and Insurance

Those of you who own Border Collies know that they HAVE to have a job. These are not lazy, lap dogs. They are the entrepreneurs of the dog world. If you don't give them a job, they will make one.
Georgia, our Border-Collie-Wanna-Be thinks every time I go outside, there is something for her to do, too. She has to find and tree all the cats - sometimes the cats cooperate, sometimes they don't. (When the cats are inside, they all sleep together). She has to find all three horses and make sure they are OK. Sometimes Dandy will play tag, and sometimes she just continues napping in the sun. Easy will occasionally play, too, but PJ just shakes her head at her and continues to graze. PJ eats all the time and nothing can interrupt that.
Ron's cows are another job altogether. No matter which direction they are heading, Georgia gets them there faster, and the calves cooperate at this incentive better than the Mommas.
This bull calf is new to the bunch and doesn't have a momma in the herd, so he is easier to intimidate than the rest - for a while anyway. I suspect he'll quickly find out that Georgia is all bark and no bite and won't be hurried any longer. Meantime, Georgia has a job...

Proverbs 10:4
Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth

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