Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hello, I'm Mr. Easy

I have an opportunity to sell Easy to a 4-H-er who is looking for a good horse to take her through high school and on into college.
When I bought Easy 3 years ago, I knew he was too tall for me, but I just loved his disposition so much, I brought him home anyway. But he's just too talented to languish away in the pasture, getting fat and just being my model. AND he's getting harder and harder to throw my big saddle on.
So please pray that this is a good thing for both the teenager looking for a horse and the horse who needs a partner and a good home.

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I've been wondering about your horses.
Can you put a clause in that says you can check on his well being after the sale? Maybe have first refusal if they want to sell him too soon?
I hope it works out well and she loves him to pieces.
How about an update on Dandy? How does it affect the other horses if Easy goes? Isn't Dandy grazing with him?
Love your paintings and your stories and the spirtual nature of your blog.