Monday, May 4, 2009

Dandy Lesson


It's Spring and time for inoculations - both doggie and horsey.
Dandy has never been in a trailer, so I thought it might be a good time to learn.
It took 5 minutes and we were in all the way, backing out, in part of the way and backing out and again in all the way and backing out. I know, Trista, I shouldn't have led her in, but we are still working on the "go forward cues" (see movie!) I don't anticipate any future problems.

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Jenpainting - Jennifer Morrison said...

That was so funny when the dog came and made the horse run - LOL! What a cute horse! Looks like a yearling. I like how you let the dog around the horse and make the horse lunge and pay attention to you regardless of what the dog does. Our horses are used to all kinds of things around here from motocross bikes to flags, kites, dogs, everything. We have paint horses, too. You have a cute horse and I just had to comment! Jen