Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rich Man

5X7 oil on canvas panel $125
Includes shipping and insurance in US
The sun rises in Haiti at 5:30 am and sets at 5:30 pm. Being close to the Equator makes the days and nights about equal year round. And there was no sleeping past day break - the neighborhood roosters made sure of that - and if you could sleep through them, there was no way to sleep through the traffic noises. Instead of using their blinkers, Haitian drivers use their horns for notification of lane changes, passing, stopping, warning, etc...all night long....
I got in the habit of sitting out on the front stoop of the school every morning, waiting for breakfast and watching the world wake up. This is the "cow guy" and I came to realize he was a rich man. There is a common grazing pasture beside and in back of the school where we stayed and this man would lead several head of cattle back there and stake them out to graze daily. Owners of livestock have an economic advantage over those that don't, and this man owned several head of cattle. When I told him that I only owned one cow and he must be richer than I, he laughed and seemed to grow an inch taller.
2 Samuel 12:2
The rich man had a very large number of sheep and cattle
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