Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wildflower Wanderer

8 X 10 Oil on canvas $125

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I have never seen the wildflowers in Texas as beautiful as they are this Spring. It's like Mother Nature has been hiding and saving up for 10 years and now spends everything in her account.

The "model" for this image is someone I have come to respect highly - his name is Tommy Houston. Tommy has a ranch near Bluff Dale, Texas that spans 2 counties and is a "real" cowboy and member of a dieing breed. And people that know him speak of his generosity with both his time and his talents, as well as his expertise with horses.

I was honored to be invited to photograph his yearly cattle working this month, an event that lasts 2 days. Tommy also invites friends and family to participate, and he feeds the whole crew 3 squares each day.

For those who are curious, I will explain a "cattle working". Cows and calves are rounded up and brought to a pen where the calves are separated from their mommas. The cows are run through a working chute where they are wormed, doctored, if necessary, and those without calves are palpated to check to see if they are pregnant. Those who are not, get shipped to an auction where they will probably end up in your next Happy Meal.

Calves are caught (by roping) and held secure on the ground where they are branded, castrated (bull calves), ear notched, ear tagged and inoculated. The whole process takes less than a minute with as many as 5 cowboys working at the same time. One thing I noticed about the roping crew was that they only roped the calves by the hind legs and did not head-catch them, which can lead to injury, I assume.

Expect more paintings of this event...

Psalm 140:12
I know that you, God, are on the side of victims, that you care for the rights of the poor. And I know that the righteous personally thank you, that good people are secure in your presence.
Media: oil
Size: 10 in X 8 in (25.4 cm X 20.3 cm)
Price: $125 USD

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