Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Change in the Weather

5 X 7 oil on canvas board $65
Includes shipping and insurance in US
We are back from our vacation and have ALMOST recovered. The "Big Trip" wouldn't have been "normal" without a blowout - and we had two - one in Colorado and one on the way home - both in 100 degree weather and on a major highway. Fortunately we took two spares this year. Mike and I have become experts at changing a trailer tire, too - we were back on the road within 20 minutes with the last one!
The other "normal" occurrence was electrical problems. We just couldn't get the batteries to take and hold a charge. We finally tracked it down to a failing converter, and after locating a new one, we changed it out in a parking lot, and the electrical issues ceased to be a problem.
I had a number of commissions to complete and get out this past week as well as a couple large paintings to get ready for a show in November. I am a member of(and the bookkeeper for) a group called the "Artists of Texas" and we have just completed our first year. It's time for membership renewal and I have had to send out letters encouraging members to re-subscribe. Fortunately, most have enjoyed more traffic to their websites and increased sales that are a direct result from our advertising campaign. There is strength in numbers!
The weather broke last week and it was briefly 10 degrees cooler - no rain, though. Ninety-five is MUCH better than 105! I can almost stand to be out long enough to get a few things done - like getting ready for a fall garden.
Right before we returned, we received some sad news from the folks taking care of the place - the chickens were massacred by a pack of coyotes. Of the original 22 chickens, only 6 survived. Evidently the coyotes finally figured out no one was home during the day and attacked the Thursday before we returned. All that was left was piles of feathers in assorted colors scattered all around our 1 acre yard. Needless to say we are closely guarding the 6 that are left (Moe the naked neck chicken, Aunt Bee one of the Delawares, 3 black Cornish who are good flyers and one unidentified hen that I call the Chatterbox). The roosters must have vainly tried to defend the ladies, because none of them were left. We learned a valuable lesson - don't trust Mother Nature.
We are on armed patrol now...rather like we need to be down south...but that is another soapbox.
John 13:38
Then Jesus answered, "Will you really lay down your life for me? I tell you the truth, before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times!


Texas Trash said...

yeah we had a blowout on our way to folk fest in atlanta and it blew the entire fender off the trailor. love your work, i am looking for big pieces, maybe 20 x 30 or so. don't forget to stop in if you are ever on 290 between houston and austin. take care and b safe.

Debbie said...

I do bigger, but they usually go to the gallery or are done on commission! Blog stuff is small stuff - usually! I will now go look up RV camps on 290.... :-)

Angela said...

Lovely horse. Love the movement portrayed in this piece.