Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Safety in Numbers

Continuous line drawing of 3 foals
There are some habits I really need to cultivate: exercise more, smell the roses and draw regularly.
The rose thing is easy: Since the Great Chicken Massacre, Mike and I are watching them like hawks (perhaps that is NOT the best analogy to use under these circumstances) and we are taking the time every evening to "escort" them around the yard, feeding them grasshoppers. Now you might not think that chickens need help catching grasshoppers, and these really don't. But they know if they follow you, your walking stirs up more bugs and makes it easier for them to snag one. This is an activity I have come to anticipate - not quite smelling roses, but still enjoyable.
Exercising more: after hiking in the mountains for nearly 2 months, we both came back a bit leaner and wishing to stay there, but Texas weather (and the huge gas water trucks on our road) prohibit safe walking, so we are journeying to Ft Worth today to evaluate treadmills. It won't be quite like hiking the mountain trails, but at least there won't be bears or mountain lions to watch out for!
Drawing: Practice makes perfect and the continuous line drawings are great for exercising eye-hand coordination and making me THINK about shapes. I will try to do more.
Job 39:26
"Does the hawk take flight by your wisdom and spread his wings toward the south?

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