Thursday, December 9, 2010

Boltswagon - donkey portrait

6 X 8 Oil on board commissioned donkey portrait
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Dandy has gone off to "Camp Trista" to start learning how to be a grandchild horse, and all reports are excellent.
Trista-the-farrier-mother-horse-trainer has agreed to get her started in exchange for art - a win win deal for all of us.
Her mother-in-law has a fat little donkey that has been on the family farm for years, and this painting will be under the Christmas tree with her name on it. I have been assured that she DOES NOT read this blog! And yes, you are reading his name correctly - "BOLTS-wagon". LOL But I doubt he moves very fast anymore - this is one chubby, OLD donkey!
Grandbaby update: After three days of restlessness Merideth's milk began flowing heavily and baby Addison is now eating, sleeping, looking around and pooping on a fairly regular schedule - giving mom and dad 3 to 4 hours of uninterrupted stretches of sleep. After 3 nights with them, I decided they had it all under control and returned to the farm. Now to decorate for Christmas...
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Exodus 23:12
“Six days do your work, but on the seventh day do not work, so that your ox and your donkey may rest, and so that the slave born in your household and the foreigner living among you may be refreshed.

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