Friday, December 17, 2010

Counting the Herd - II

12 X 16 Oil on Belgian linen
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My patrons are the greatest! I was contacted by a collector last week who admired one of my older paintings of a cowboy on a hill - in the same position as this Indian. And he asked if I could paint an Indian in the same fashion with a similar composition. It so happened that I had some excellent images that I had been wanting to use and I quickly came up with a composition which I painted that very day. As we communicated during the process, though, he expressed a wish for the Indian to be wearing a Chief's headdress and for there to be clouds in the sky. He liked the overall composition, though. Since I really prefer to paint the sky first instead of last, I didn't want to go back and change it, and so I offered the first painting on my blog, and it quickly sold. I began the second almost immediately (and I have begun a third, also - with a rainbow sky and a sorrell horse). This time I added a "fancier" headdress and the clouds, keeping the bison and the Indian pretty much the same.
I normally don't like to paint the same image more than once, but I am having fun with this one - and I am open to suggestions for more compositions!
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Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Nice dramatic colors in this one. said...


An excellent composition and very well executed painting !!Great Job!