Sunday, September 4, 2011

Adopt a Racehorse

5 X 7 Oil on panel $85
Includes shipping and insurance
I have a "racehorse reject" that I care for (Easy) and I found another one down the road - owned by a neighbor.
On my way back from Granbury the other day, I passed her house and noticed a handsome sorrel gelding grazing lose in her front yard. I quickly turned around and pulled into the driveway. Before I could turn the car off, though, she came out the front door with a big smile on her face.
Yes, she knew the horse was lose in her yard....he belonged to her. But as long as his best buddy, a little burro, was safely penned nearby, he wouldn't leave the yard. Instead he grazed contently on the irrigated grass while the donkey hung his head over the fence watching plaintively. (I just thought of a new painting....!) Unlike my Easy, who never won a race, this fellow actually made money for his former owner, but a bad knee, common in older race horses, ended his racing career and potentially his life. But my big hearted neighbor (who also has a pound puppy) is giving him a safe place to comfortably live out his life.
With the drought still having its grip on all of Texas and much of Louisiana and Oklahoma, horses are being hauled to Mexico and Canada for slaughter. I have already shared my opinion of this atrocity and why it is happening. I hope those who were instrumental in closing the US based horse slaughter houses are putting their money where their big mouths are and are adopting the thousands of starving and unwanted horses.
Genesis 42:19
If you are honest men, let one of your brothers stay here in prison, while the rest of you go and take grain back for your starving households.
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Maria's Watercolor said...

Debbie, this painting is beautiful.
I share your sentiments on the US position on horse slaughter, seems we have turned our heads to the problem of the unwanted horse and still slaughter occurs but unregulated and uncontrolled, it is so sad.