Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Kiss My A** - logo for website by Debbie Grayson Lincoln

I have always been an artist, and before I concentrated my efforts on fine art, I was a graphic artist.  This drawing was requested by a customer who breeds white, blue-eyed donkeys and wanted an image to use on her website. No job too small...
Today on the farm was quiet as we continue to twiddle our thumbs while Sophie gestates. Sophie has no fancy pedigree - in fact she most likely carries the genetics of at least 2 breeds of dairy cows, and I suspect that it's Holstein and Jersey. However, she has been artificially inseminated with the genetics of a fancy dandy Guernsey bull named "Grumpy".  Guernsey milk tends to be yellower in color and contains more beta carotene than other breeds of dairy cattle. In addition, the butterfat content is often higher. Obviously, we are hoping the calf is a heifer that we can ultimately milk, but experience has taught me to be happy with a calf of any gender so long as it's alive and healthy. This birth will be no different. The good news is her due date is less than 2 weeks away. The bad news is the weather forecasts for her due date are not good. Looks like I may be spending time in the barn cleaning the horse stalls. The farm chores never end.
Genesis 30:27  And Laban said unto him, I pray thee, if I have found favour in thine eyes, tarry: for I have learned by experience that theLord hath blessed me for thy sake.
May God find you in this New Year appreciative of His blessings and resolved to share them with those you love and those you don't yet know you love!
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