Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Get A Horse 6

6 X 8 Oil on Masonite board
$125 includes shipping and insurance

We are camping in Cloud Croft, New Mexico and I did bring my paints and some small canvases and boards with me. When I spotted this old vehicle on the way to the pass to Alamosa, I knew I had to paint it. I probably won’t get another one done before we get back tomorrow, but at least I did this one!

We went to the pass mainly to get some shots overlooking the white sands. That is another painting in the planning stages.

When we are gone this summer on our LONG trip to Montana, I hope to be able to paint and post the results like today. If you purchase a painting, you will probably have to wait until we get back before I can varnish and mail them to you, though. With free wi-fi everywhere (I am currently at the Cloud Croft Chamber of Commerce parking lot!), I should be able to post fairly regularly.

Before I got my wireless laptop, we scouted out the libraries in the little towns we visited. All of them had internet availability – on THEIR computers, though, which made it hard to send photos. About the only thing I could do was check mail. Last summer, we found wi-fi at the libraries and some coffee shops – that was better ‘cause I could use my own laptop.

This summer will be really different. We have a generator now so I can run all my electronic gadgets even if we are “dry camping” (without electric or water hookups). I have an external hard drive to store all my photos, too, AND a portable printer. The more stuff we get, the longer we can stay on the road!

This was our first camping trip without my little dog, Kibble. Georgia’s friend, Sadie is here, though, and that helps. Kibble was the queen of defending us from the dangerous, marauding chipmunks! She never caught one, but never gave up either. Even when she was blind, she enjoyed sniffing in their burrows. We all miss her.

Matthew 7:14
But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Only with WiFi of course ;)
I remember Kibble just passed recently right?