Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I have had a wonderful weekend with most of my favorite family and in-laws. My adorable son-in-law, Garrett, graduated from nursing school, and Mike's folks, my Mom and Garrett's parents and sister all watched the ceremony and celebrated this weekend with him and Merideth. And we all went to church this morning for Mother's Day. The only ones missing were my cute brother and his even cuter wife. I know they were with us in spirit, though. And, Tami, I do have a painting in mind for you!
Hopefully this weekend we will complete the roofing and get into the finishing details of the studio's insides. I managed to paint 2 little ones last week and may get 2 more completed this week - between painting trim and staining doors and tiling the inside of the bathroom windows and weeding the garden and - you get the idea.
Baby, Dandy, is getting fatter and bolder daily. I have learned from experience that a foal can be TOO friendly - when they get big they have no respect for humans and their space. So I am trying to be careful and not treat her like a lap dog. I haven't had to spank her yet (yes, a foal can be spanked) - she does stay away from me when I demand it. But I anticipate a kick or a rear at me eventually, and I will be ready. Meantime, I really enjoy just watching her play....

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Sweet video.
Interesting you mention her size. She must weigh 250-300 pounds?