Friday, May 16, 2008

Peace in the Family

Yesterday I turned Dandy and PJ loose with Easy for the first time. He's been 2 fences away from them since Dandy's birth and this was his first opportunity to get close. PJ has been his boss for the 2 years I've owned him, so I really didn't worry about pecking order. But horses aways have to re-establish who's boss after they've been away for a while. So I let them sniff noses through the fence and do their squealing thing and then I turned the 2 loose. Just as I suspected, Easy went after the foal to be its boss, and of course PJ would have nothing of it. As you can see above, she solidly let Easy know that things hadn't changed in the two months she was away!
I deliberately turned them out together hungry, too, knowing that their interest in food would probably outweigh any agressions they might be feeling.
Soon they put their heads down to graze with PJ making Easy maintain a respectful distance and trying to keep Dandy on her off side away from him. She's really curious of "Uncle Easy" though, and it was funny to watch her try to get over to him.After about 30 minutes of jostling and watching and ear pinning, the "family" finally settled down
and peacefully grazed and all was right with the world. And this morning I saw no evidence of renewed squabbling. Hallelujah!

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Those pics tell the story don't they?
Fabulous and I can't get over the white stockings on little Dandy. What a beauty she is!