Saturday, October 24, 2009

Georgia's BFF

They are NOT fighting - just playfully wrestling! nodp
Our friends and neighbors, John and Sandy, are on a Mediterranean cruise and we are caring for their dog-child, Joy. She is a 2 year old American Eskimo (Spitz) and is Georgia's best girl friend. (Her best boy friend is Walker, my daughter's Cocker/King Charles pooch).
Joy arrived Wednesday morning. That evening Georgia gathered ALL the toys around her (including Joy's) into the middle of the living room and snarled at Joy if she even looked in her direction. The following morning they were best buds and proceeded to wrestle and chase one another through the house and into the yard. The mayhem will continue for another 2 weeks until Sandy and John come home.
I actually feel honored that my friend trusts us with her pooch. Sandy and John have always had an American Eskimo - and even rescued their last one. And when she died, it was a couple years before they felt they could love another.
I know the heartache you feel when you lose a treasured pet. And the issues you can have when forced to leave it in a safe environment for a long period of time. Joy visits here regularly, though, so she feels quite at home and is, if fact, already a part of our routine. And I am enjoying her wonderfully happy nature and her smiling face! And so is Georgia!

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