Friday, October 16, 2009

Granbury Paint Out and Gallery Show Opening

Somehow I got myself talked into participating in a "paint out" in Granbury, Texas this weekend. For those of you not experienced with this I shall explain. A "paint out" is where artists set up their easels and painting supplies in some windy, dusty, hot or cold location, forgetting their aprons and palettes. They paint totally on location, embarrassing themselves terribly in their total ineptitude. At least I do.
I am totally out of my element when I leave the studio - like a fish out of water. But I wanted to stretch myself - like when I participated in John Poon's Plein Aire workshop in Jackson, Wyoming 2 summers ago. He was a wonderful teacher, but Jackson Hole in the summer is NOT the place to be painting Plein Aire. Bugs, wind, dust, heat, sun glare...all the reasons WHY I love my climate controlled, bose stereo filled, electronically up-to-date studio.
The Granbury Paint Out is 3 days, but I can only participate today, and I'm waiting to go there until this afternoon. It's cold and overcast right now with promise of some sun and high 60's later. I shall wait for later. I have already selected a historical site to paint - an old log cabin that is reported to be the first post office in Granbury. It appears to be 100 years old and has not been restored. I will have to learn its history in the very least.
Tomorrow is the grand opening of the Daily Painters of Texas' gallery show at the Dutch Art Gallery in northeast Dallas. If you are in the area anytime during the next couple months (at least until the end of November), please go by. I promise you won't be disappointed.
I have already sold 2 painting there, and I am no where near the best artist on display.

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