Monday, October 26, 2009

Party Begins Now - WIP update

I literally worked all day on this painting. Eight hours with a break for lunch and to go to a church meeting this evening. I really like it, too, which is something I rarely say about ANY painting. I am following a procedure that has worked well for me in the past - with a careful consideration of composition, drawing, color and value. I recognize already that the blue, flowered shirt needs a little punch and I may attain that with a glaze.
So far, so good. I may hate it when I'm done, but today I still like it.
Tomorrow I work on the foreground horse's legs and the mountain man in the background (and maybe the distant mountain).
I have a commission waiting in the wings, but I need to get the models arranged first, so I can't start on it for a couple more weeks. The collector is wanting it completed Dec. 24 and I am making no promises. When I was in desk top publishing - years ago - and working out of my home, I had contract to produce a yearly magazine that was due at the printers Dec. 23, which meant Thanksgiving AND the weeks prior to Christmas was spent with me getting advertising and copy straight and approved and proofed. Back then, everything was cut and paste and a nightmare to rearrange and/or change - and there was ALWAYS last minute changes. For three years I dreaded the holidays - it was a relief when I quit that business and started changing oil for a living instead...but that is a another story...

Job 35:9

"Men cry out under a load of oppression; they plead for relief from the arm of the powerful.

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