Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pasture Roping

6 X 12 Oil on linen panel $100
Includes shipping and insurance in U.S.

I am still taking every opportunity to attend rodeos, ropings and general good outdoor fun that includes horses and/or cattle. Saturday I went to Dublin (Texas) to watch a Ranch Rodeo that held some interesting events before the actual rodeo was held. An exhibition of Mexican wild bull riding was exciting. The cowboys team roped the bull, threw him to the ground, and tied his legs. Waiting to the side was a some brave (or nutty) kid who climbed on the bull while he was on the ground flat. The cowboys then released the animal who quickly rose and promptly bucked off the young cowboy. No one was hurt, the bull returned to his herd mates and the young man spit the dirt out of his mouth.
And I got some great pictures!
Psalm 7:15
See that man shoveling day after day, digging, then concealing, his man-trap down that lonely stretch of road? Go back and look again—you'll see him in it headfirst, legs waving in the breeze. That's what happens: mischief backfires; violence boomerangs.

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