Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finding Rosie - WIP

I started the cover for Dan's latest book today - "Finding Rosie". I've settled on this composition and thought you might enjoy the process of construction.
The rider's name is "Andy" and this scene depicts his escape from the Indians who have held him and his sister captive for a number of years.
The background will be misty, snowy, indistinct with the horse and rider being in fairly tight focus. Andy has red hair and is wrapped in a buffalo robe. The horse will be a paint (and his fur will be shaggy). A few remaining leaves will still be clinging to the tree branches with some fluttering to the ground in the wind.
The background is mostly made up, but the rider is from a photo shoot using a young lady friend. I borrowed the buffalo robe, but have since purchased it, hopefully to use again in another painting. The horse is my sorrel mare, PJ. A lot of artistic license will be used in this painting: Miss Tallen will become a boy, PJ will become a shaggy paint, and the background will become the dead of winter! Simple!
I am off to Dallas today for an Art Show at the Dutch Art Gallery. I have 2 new paintings there. Join me this afternoon if you are in town!

Psalm 19:7

The law of the LORD is perfect, reviving the soul. The statutes of the LORD are trustworthy, making wise the simple.

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