Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pregnant Horses Can Run, Too! 2

5 X 7 Oil on Masonite $125
Includes Shipping and Insurance
If this subject looks familiar, it's because I painted it earlier this year and sent it off to one of my galleries. A delightful lady in Norway wanted it, so I retrieved it from the gallery, paid the owner his commission and brought it home. (And, yes, I still paid a small commission to the gallery owner - it's only right). Anyway, I promptly "lost" it. I searched high and low and even went through the garbage - after all it's a small painting and it could have gotten swept out, even though my studio is not THAT disorganized.
Two days of frantic digging turned up nothing, so I contacted my collector, apologetically told her I lost her painting and asked if I could paint another. Of course, she graciously accepted, and this one is the result. It needed to dry a couple weeks, and in that interim I found the original painting (I had scanned it for my files and had left it in the scanner - DUH!)
She was delighted, of course, because she really preferred the first one, so off it went to Norway.
There IS a difference between the two, although the image is the same. My color sense has always left a lot to be desired and I rarely use the same palette regularly so my paintings are not always easy to identify based strictly on color use.
James 3:1
[ Taming the Tongue ] Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.
(Note to family: Since this year I am teaching Sunday school, and Mike and I are facilitating a class called "Financial Peace University", this Bible verse is SOOO appropriate - ouch!)

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

bummer about the lost one, but this is a beauty.
I also liked your honest post about the clunkers that maybe have a little bit going for them but are ultimately not going to get to completion. I have posted work I'm not that happy with, but if I wipe off or don't care for the outcome, I don't post it.