Friday, January 8, 2010

Wind Blown - abstract running horse

6 X 8 Oil on Canvas panel $115
In between letting layers of the "Big Commission" dry, I am playing with paint on small panels. This is another image inspired by Tuffy, the Napoleon complex buckskin paint. Obviously, this is not his real color, but this IS the way he moves - head high, ears up and a lot of leg action. I never tire watching him.
Yesterday was NOT a good day - I wiped off two painting. Poof - gone. Just couldn't seem to get it together. Should have stuck with painting the pantry shelves - better results and much more satisfying!
Today is better, despite the brutal cold. Temperature is in the teens, so there is no urge to venture outside at all. Little wood stove is glowing, kitty is curled up in the chair and Georgia periodically sticks her nose out and goes, "uh, uh." I have to shove her out to go to the bathroom. She must have a huge bladder!
Don't forget to send me your WELL LIT horse photos for consideration. I am still planning on painting 28 horses in 28 days in February. E-mail them to me at
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