Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Eventer 7 - small english rider oil painting

5 X 7 Oil on Masonite $100
SOLD to a Canadian collector
The Republican people of Texas decided to continue down the same road of self-destruction yesterday and voted to run Rick Perry for the Governor's seat for an unprecedented 3rd term. Like a battered wife who is more afraid to leave, they decided to keep him for another 4 years (he's been in the Governor's mansion since George Bush took office in 2000). Perry's main platform for re-election is "Texas is in better shape than the rest of the nation and the BEST place to live right now". ????????? I agree with that, but it's no thanks to him!
I refuse to vote him in again in November and I WILL NOT vote for a Democrat, so I guess it's write-in time again. And NO, that's not throwing my vote away. It's staying true to my convictions.
Everyone I know complains about the politicians we have now and how we need term limits, yada yada yada, but when they are in the voting booth, they do the same old thing again and again. Well, as far as I am concerned, they deserve what they're gonna get now. Business as usual - rising taxes and "public servants" taking care their own interests first. Dallas and Ft Worth just announced that they will probably have to raise property taxes to cover budget shortfalls - what a surprise - NOT. Hey, here's an idea - how about cutting COSTS 10% every year - and if that means a 10% salary cut across the board for all city workers - I say they should be glad to have a job in today's economy.
The sun is shining today and I intend to work my frustration off in the yard - doing something constructive. Fill your pantry with food...inflation is on its way.
Luke 23:2
And they began to accuse him, saying, "We have found this man subverting our nation. He opposes payment of taxes to Caesar and claims to be Christ, a king."

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