Thursday, January 13, 2011

Color Pride-Red White and Blue

6 X 6 Oil on Linen $100
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My mother chastised me for bringing up political issues in my last posting...she likes the Bible quotes but not the social commentary. It's hard NOT to voice my opinion, though - and it really WASN'T "party oriented", in my opinion. It was more a rant toward ALL talk radio, which is so focused on ratings instead of substance.
So today I listed to "Coast to Coast" instead and heard how the Ice Age is coming and we all need to get out our woolies and prepare for major changes in climate. Geez. I guess I need to stick to my old time radio programs station (164 on XM) - except that I have heard the same episode of "Life of Riley" four times now...THAT gets old!
I found this cute little enamel tea pot in a local antique store - the red apple and blue cup were a perfect addition to make a patriotic statement.
OK, Mom - I'll hold the rantings to a minimum - your nearly 82 years on this earth HAVE provided you with a certain amount of wisdom that I would be smart to heed...I admit!
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2 Samuel 17:6
When Hushai came to him, Absalom said, “Ahithophel has given this advice. Should we do what he says? If not, give us your opinion.”

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Trudy R. Gomez said...

I believe you had a valid point regarding "talk Nazis". I love your horse paintings - your love of them shines.