Thursday, January 20, 2011

Indian Camp 4

10 X 20 Oil on Belgian Linen
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I am still struggling with this landscape. This layout is twice as wide as it is long and I am going to do another that uses the proportions of the "Golden Mean" - a ratio called "phi" (1.6180339887499). If you are a mathematician, you'll appreciate how this ratio appears in nature. If you are not, just trust me that it is an eye pleasing proportion. The Greeks used it in constructing the Parthenon.
See if you can tell the difference in this sketch using the Golden Mean proportions both for the shape of the rectangle as well as where the focal point (the campfire) occurs.
Yesterday I rode little Miss Dandy for the first time - it was her 10th time to carry a person, and she was wonderful...a little choppy and wiggly, but very willing and cooperative (unlike her Momma who has always been a whiner and complainer!) Once she learns to balance herself and I learn to maintain her impulsion, we will get along just fine. Now she is home again and the "family" is reunited! Now they can all just get through the winter and we'll begin training again in the Spring.
If you want to see me actually trotting on Dandy, go here. It was so GOOD to be riding again...Hard to believe it has been 4 years already since I first thought about breeding PJ to that wonderful Paint stud, Banjo.
Romans 14:18
because anyone who serves Christ in this way is pleasing to God and receives human approval.


Susan said...

Hi,Debbie. I don't see the struggle with your landscape and I am enthralled by the lighting which I think is wonderful. Its a beautiful, colorful, serene landscape. I enjoy doing odd size canvas once n a while and have used 10x20 in the past - it is a challenge. I will check back to see the results of using the Golden Mean! And thank you very much for the kind words you wrote on my blog.

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

I think I like the layout of the sketch better too, though I can't say why. Personal preference only. I like the painting though. I envy you riding your horses. I miss our terribly while we're here in Florida.