Thursday, January 15, 2015

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Tomorrow is my Momma's 86th birthday, and she is AMAZING!!!! 
The summer of 2013 was not fun. She and I spent most of it in Doctor's offices, examining rooms and hospitals. She was diagnosed with both colon and lung cancer and has been totally cured with surgery and gamma radiation. To see her now you would never suspect the trauma she endured. And her latest checkup revealed everything in perfect order...the Energizer Bunny keeps on running!
When I talked to her today she told me about her morning spent visiting the "old" folks in a local nursing home! Faces light up when she appears, simply because she does not allow sadness or despair to follow her. Instead she brings hope and a positive attitude and the pure and simple joy of living. This has been her mission in life (that, and COOKING for EVERYONE!)  
Mom, I hope to continue following in your footsteps - thank you for paving the way (and sharing your recipes!)
On to farm news...
This evening Miss Sophie is 3 days post-calving which means THE MILK IS MINE! Some people drink colostrum, and there's really no reason not to consume it. It is, however, a bit thicker than regular milk and has quite a bit of cream in it, too. I also suspect that it has a bit of a laxative effect, which I would rather avoid!
Therefor, for the first three days after my cows give birth, all the extra milk (and there is GALLONS) goes to animals - the dogs and cats and chickens and foster calves all get a huge treat.  At that 72 hour mark, though, the milk comes into the house for make cheese or yoghurt or ice cream - whatever - until the calves all get big enough to consume what the lovely Miss Sophie produces.
Fuzzy Kitty is my milking companion. Any time I head for the barn, she is right on my heels - even if I'm not carrying my milk bucket. She is absolutely fearless around the cows, and she knows she gets to lick the milk cup when I'm done.

Proverbs 13:20   Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Debbie, how fortunate you are to still have your mama.
Mine left us in September 2013 and I think of her every day. Woke up the other day and briefly thinking, "I have to call Mama". She was 86 and a pistol. Still driving, going out for a beer with her friends in the afternoons, texting with kids and playing may jong on her computer. The silver lining is that I had her for so long. Happy Birthday to your dear mama and may there be many more.
Fuzzy Kitty is the image of one of my former, beloved cats.
Stay cozy, Debbie and thanks for your lovely posts.


Your beautiful cat in this picturesque scene is exquisite. She looks like a Maine Coon cat. I recall milking cows as a child when we vacationed to the farms in upstate NY. I'd actually LOVE to paint Fuzzy Kitty's portrait just as she is sitting there with the milk jug and pretty cow outside the barn.

Nichole Lorenzen said...

I love the fact your mom is so up beat at a "young" age. The cat is beautiful. I have been reading your blog and your artwork is great.