Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gallery Opening/Studio Update

The gallery opening went very well with an attendance of over 100 people. Nearly everyone walked out with something, and I sold a painting to a lovely couple from Granbury. I think she teaches at Tarleton, so it is likely that I will run into her again.
The studio progressed this week - all before we got over 2 inches of rain Friday night and Saturday. The ceiling peak inside will be around 19 feet - I will have a HUGE wall to hang paintings! There is also 2 large closets and a bathroom and space above them and the entrance for display and storage. I will soon have to go shopping for fixtures and doors and paint and the wood burning stove. The floor will be a dark slate and I will continue with a gray to neutral color palette with the intention of the paintings themselves being the main source of color. My original intention was to leave the brick wall, as well, but now I am considering painting it, too, since it is so red.
I will be painting and posting on eBay this afternoon!

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