Thursday, April 10, 2008

Baby Pictures

After a scarey stormy night here in north central Texas, the day dawned beautiful and was perfect for PJ and her baby's first trip outside the barn. Baby is about 38 hours old here and was going nuts in the stall, trying to figure out her legs. A few minutes in the grass and sunshine was all it took before she was bouncing around and running like a pro.
PJ wasted no time finding a dry spot to roll in either. As baby looked on, PJ rolled back and forth upside down getting a grand massage from the ground. It's not the most flattering position for a mare to get into, and I'm sure it puzzled her baby, too, but you could tell it sure felt good.

My vet came by yesterday afternoon to give the pair a once-over and he declared them both doing very well.
PJ was born here 12 years ago and I already notice several similar personality and physical traits shared by mother and daughter. PJ has two siblings that I also raised and all three of them are totally different, though they share the same sire. I kept the best tempered (and best riding) horse of the three, so naturally I'm delighted that daughter seems to be like mother.
My studio is a mess right now - yesterday they cut the opening to join old studio to new studio and it's impossible to work, so I guess I'll content myself with gardening for a while (and baby watching).

Hopefully I'll be able to paint again within a week - and I already know what my first subject will be!


rick nilson said...


Ahh...spring in texas. Beautiful foal. Can I paint the her?


Anonymous said...

Of course you can paint her! I certainly will be! And if you want more photos, just e-mail me....Deb

Roxanne Steed said...

AWWWW!!What a gorgeous, adorable baby!! (and lotsa fun horsey memories for me!! so sweet!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I'm enchanted.
Every spring there's a new foal in a paddock that I pass on my way to my studio. I always stop and take pictures of the antics between the mare and the foal.
Look at those little legs! She's a real looker.