Friday, April 4, 2008

Rainstorm Rescue

For those of you on "Baby Watch" with me, I have nothing new to report - at least baby-wise. We did however, have an exciting night last night. At my regular 3:00 am check, I awoke to find a driving rainstorm. I left the "baby gear" (see earlier post) and grabbed an umbrella and halter instead. With the flashlight and umbrella in one hand and the halter in another, rain pouring, wind swirling and lighting flashing, I approached PJ. You might have thought I was an apparition - she, of course, wouldn't let me get close to her, much less slip her head into her halter! So I abandoned the umbrella and flashlight and using the lighting for illumination, convinced her that the barn would be a better place to spend the night. Twenty minutes later as I am returning to the house via the garage, Mike comes out the door with his jacket on and asks, "Do you need help?" I just laughed as I went in to find some warm dry clothes. I appreciated the offer, but the horse is mine along with all the drama and inconvenience. He does pay her bills, though!!! :-)

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Oh Man!
What's worse than leaving the bed in the middle of the night? Going out in a wind and rain storm.
What's she holding out for?