Thursday, April 24, 2008

Living in Tornado Alley

Last night was a hairy one - weather wise. Those of us who have lived in this part of Texas for any length of time, expect April and May thunderstorms to bring excitement periodically. Late yesterday afternoon, we had a good one. Luckily for us, the worst of it passed to our north, and no one was hurt. The funniest part of the storm situation is that since we aren't on satellite or cable TV and use just an antennae tower, we always have TV during storms, where all our neighbors usually lose their feed. Consequently our phone rings with questions like the following from my California transplant friend, Tessa, "Hi, my TV is out - where's the storm now? Is it about over???? I saw TWO FUNNELS!!! What's the radar show? Oh my - all the foals are up. They're OK. Are you OK? I SAW TWO FUNNELS!!!! ....." All this said in the space of 3 seconds. Tessa is building a fabulous house and barns, and this is her first full Texas Spring. I don't know if her builder convinced her to install a "safe room" in her house, but I bet she'd considering it now!
Studio update: Slate floor is installed. AC will be hooked up and running today so we can dry it enough to seal it. Then I can start moving furniture in. We still have cabinets, counters, wood stove and bathroom fixtures to install. Oh, and most of the trim. There is still only tar paper on the roof, too, and it leaked last night, but I think the metal roof will be put on today - at least on the studio part. We are re-roofing the whole house in metal, too, but that won't start for another week.
Foal update: She is still growing and filling out beautifully. We had our first halter session Tuesday - she was 2 weeks old. Garrett helped me catch her. It didn't take her long to learn to give to the pressure and she allowed me to pick up all 4 feet.

I probably won't be able to paint for another week - too much to do in the studio. In addition, I will be spending this entire weekend renewing my real estate license in Ft. Worth. Hopefully I will resume a "normal" painting schedule soon....
Proverbs 10:25
When the storm has swept by, the wicked are gone, but the righteous stand firm forever.

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

You are inspiring, Debbie. You do many things well.