Saturday, April 5, 2008


Foal update - Weather turned cool, crisp and clear yesterday - light frost this morning. I was SURE I would find a foal...nothing!!!

Studio update - the ceiling is a work of art! Three 12' rows of track lights are in, and my brilliant electrician/friend, John, hooked up the power yesterday. The front closet and bathroom doors are hung. I have completed texturing and most of the painting. Today the tiling in the bathroom begins. Builder Carl and his helper Micah are constructing cabinets and shelves from the left-over ceiling wood. I am continually amazed at their expertise and craftsmanship. Not too many people take as much pride in their work as these two. Micah, by the way, is the man that is supplying me with the pretty red-cedar frames for my 6 X 8's. Like he doesn't do enough working on the studio all day....

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