Wednesday, April 9, 2008

IT's A GIRL!!!

The waiting is over - PJ's filly was born this morning at approximately 1:55 am - I found them at 2:05. Just missed the birth, but was able to be there and assist with the first meal.
PJ is 12 years old and although she is a sweet mare, I must admit that I was a bit worried about her attitude. My worries were groundless. She stood quietly while Mike held her head and I directed the baby in the right direction. A shot of oxytocin got the milk flowing and nature did the rest. Not once did PJ kick or act upset.
The little filly is a bay paint with four long stockings and a blaze on her right withers. I suspect she'll be pretty flashy looking with those legs. My friend Tessa, laughs and kids me by saying, "You dessicated that good Quarter Horse mare by breeding her to a PAINT!" I say a good horse, is a good horse, no matter the breed, and this baby's sire is exceptional in every category, and he just happens to be a paint. Tessa wants to lease PJ next year and put a palomino Quarter Horse in her. I might let her if SHE sits up all night on foal watch!
I left both of them laying down - PJ is probably delivering the placenta about now - I'll go back in about 30 minutes and check - and maybe give another shot of oxytocin. Mike's already back in bed, but I don't think I can sleep now!


Anonymous said...


She is a beauty! Congratulations!


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

OMG, She's beautiful!
I was lost his week in painting and putzing and this morning I suddenly realized that I MISSED the New Foal.
She's born on my baby brother's 41st birthday! A fiery Aries :D

How exciting!