Saturday, January 5, 2008

Cordial Tomato

Obviously I spent more than an hour or two on this painting - 3 days to be exact. The other Daily Painter still life painters have so inspired me, and the little blue cordial glass and MY LAST CHERRY TOMATO :-( really caught my fancy - I had to try something a little more complicated and detailed. Also, I have a friend who wants me to paint a horse she recently lost, and she doesn't care for my more "painterly" efforts. She's known me for years and knows I can do really detailed work if I put my mind to it. My problem in the past, though, has been color mixing, and the little paintings let me see the final results quickly and paint over them to make adjustments quickly, too - all without spending days. E-mail me if you are interested in this painting - I'm thinking of entering it in a show in May. If it sells, I'll have to paint something else!!! This is painted on a regular stretched canvas - 16 X 20 - $500 shipping and insurance included.

1 Thessalonians 1:3 We continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.


Barbie Bud said...

You did a wonderful job on this. The glass with the reflections and the pencil through the glass. Outstanding. Barb

Debbie said...

Thanks, Barbie - you do a really nice job with your stills, yourself! And I'm enjoying them right now, too!

Anonymous said...

This is incredible! It is so different from your usual work. It's fun to read your blog and watch your range growing by leaps and bounds. (That tomato looks so good it's making me hungry!)