Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I forgot that I have been tagged by a couple of my fellow artists and part of the game is to reveal 5 facts about yourself that are probably not known by others. Here are mine:

1. I never ride a horse without a knot of anticipatory fear in my gut. (This may be because I have been seriously hurt four times – 2 times broken legs and two times broken ribs).
2. We called our second child Boo-Boo because she was! Thank God He knew what a blessing she would be to us. She is now 24 and a joy to be with.
3. I used to change oil for a living – well, manage a fast lube. I DID occasionally have to show my employees that I knew what I was talking about, though, and turn a wrench.
4. I have the best In-Laws in the world and I actually like them and enjoy their company.
5. I am turning into my mother and my daughter into me.

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