Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Smiling Jasper

18 X 18 Oil on Canvas Not For Sale
This lovely black Lab, Jasper, belonged to, or should I say, "lived with" my adorable brother, Boyd, and his even more adorable wife, Tami (he definitely married above himself!). Unfortunately Jasper died last month after a long illness and now romps and waits for us with my puppy Kibble and her sister Winkie. I actually have several more dogs waiting for me, but those are the most recent departures. Boyd sent me the poem Rainbow Bridge a couple weeks ago, and if you have lost a beloved pet and want a good cry, go here. Get a Kleenex first.
Jasper had a typical Labrador personality - never unhappy, always glad to see you and ready to chase her ball at a moment's notice. Even when she was loosing her sight, she made that effort to play - she was irrespressible. Our old yellow Lab, Casey, was the same way - you absolutely could not make him angry - one of the best breeds for a family dog and last count, at the top of the list in America for pet dogs. And justifiably. See you in Heaven, Jasper, 'cause Heaven would not be Heaven without our puppies, and I KNOW that's where I'm headin'!
Love you, Bro.
Psalm 115:15
May you be blessed by the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.
(Heaven is mentioned in the Bible over 600 times - must be something to it!)

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