Friday, December 7, 2007

Horse Play

SOLD to a collector in Arizona

This is the painting I finished after "Left Over Paint" and it went very quickly, too. My horse, Easy, loves to play with our dog, Georgia, but I can't ride him with the dog around because he does this little rearing, pawing action! Looks fancy, but not fun to ride through! PJ, my other horse, kicks her heels doing a kinda bucky thing when the dogs play with her, and that's an easy motion to ride.

Thinking about my horses makes me want to go play with 'em and today is a beautiful one in bye!

This painting is an oil on 8 X 10 stretched canvas with painted sides and can be purchased directly from me for $100.
Job 40:20 The hills bring him their produce, and all the wild animals play nearby.

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